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How to disguise your roots at home!

We understand that the idea of not having your hair colour done during this isolation process can seem a little less than ideal and that your roots are looking slightly more wild than their usual rosey selves. This is why we have listed our favourite products to help masque those pesky greys until you get to visit us again. These products have been tried and tested by our artists and we can 100% guarantee that they will not disturb your salon colour. This means you can rest assured that we can start where we left off when we see you again.

To find out more about the application of the products then please have a listen to some great advice from our artist Samuel.

L'Oreal Hair touch up

This is a great temporary root touch up spray that is simple to direct over any white hairs. This grey hair root spray comes in six shades. Dark Blonde, Light Brown, Brown, Black,  Mahogany and Warm Blonde. Formulated with make-up pigments, it blends seamlessly with your hair to give a great coverage. You are able to wash it out in one shampoo* and the fine nozzle is easy to apply.

L'Oreal Magic root cover up

If you are needing something slightly lighter then why not try Magic root cover up which comes in a light Blonde or light golden blonde shade.

Colour Wow

Alternatively if you would like a more direct approach then Colour wow would be perfect.

It comes in compact size with a mirror and the application brush is small enough to apply with more detail. The coverage can be slightly more concentrated than others on the market so great for those really hard to cover white hairs. You can also opt for the lighter shades to help fill in the regrowth from your grown out highlights.

For any additional advice or assistance then please do not hesitate to get in contact via email or our social network platforms. These products are available from most reputable online beauty retailers.

We look forward to sharing with you some more useful tips and tricks in the coming weeks.

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