We have developed The consultation Hub to allow us to design your perfect colour and style.

Why not Take a look at our Colour  and Style Hub to help you understand more about the services we have to offer or just simply visit our price list for more of a breakdown.



In our Rose & Wild consultation Hub we will design your perfect hair colour. 

We are the salon that listens

We encourage anyone looking for a transformation or who is new to Rose & Wild to book in for an extended complimentary consultation prior to booking.

All our guests will receive a complimentary consultation with every appointment.



 We have put together a small colour menu to help answer any of your questions. If you wish to know more please contact us.




A timeless colour technique that can give you a multitonal blonde, caramel or alternative shades. It gives a Naturally highlighted effect that results in highs and lows throughout the hair. This technique can be applied as a half head or full head and has medium maintenance


from £05-£155 (INCLUSIVE OF BLOW DRY)

A global application of colour that is great for covering natural white hair or for simply adding a shine or glaze of colour that is slightly darker or lighter than your natural. It`s also great for if you want a tonal difference such as copper or Ash. It can be applied on its own or in between highlights or Balayage.


from £95-£136 (INCLUSIVE OF BLOW DRY)

A bespoke shade of a permanent colour or gloss to help blend in roots. This works best when applied in between your global colour appointments to remove regrowth lines. Permanent colours work best for covering high intensity white hair whilst a gloss will give you a softer coverage and a more subtle regrowth. It can also be applied in between highlights or Balayage.


from £115- £250(INCLUSIVE OF BLOW DRY)

A Parisian technique which gives a softer, tonal and more blended highlighted result. A lower maintenance colour that is kind on the hair even when going blonde. You can achieve effects such as Ombre and Ecaile with this technique. Balayage  can be applied with a full head or half head coverage and be applied in conjunction with regrowth blends and personalised global colours.


FROM £100 45 MIN

For those wanting more than a touch of colour, we offer a service that focuses on spending time to transform you and your hair in just one appointment. Be it from dark to blonde or blonde to dark or simply a service that takes longer than a standard appointment time. We will ensure we create the best hair transformation for you. We recommend you visit our Consultation Hub prior to booking an appointment to ensure the correct service and time allocation is booked.



Ideal for if you like the idea of highlights or Balayage but only really need a little bit of brightening. This service is great for contouring and lightening around the face. This is a subtle highlighted effect and for brightening up in between appointments.


from £25-£90

A glaze of colour applied on lifted / pre lightened hair to change the tone or shade and add shine. If you Want to be blonde we have 100`s of tonal choices such as vanilla, Beige, Champagne and Ice. If you fancy something more creative? we can create a bespoke mix of Rose, Coral and many more colourful shades.

Creative toning can also be used as a method to rejuvenate extremely faded hair.


from £130-£195(INCLUSIVE OF BLOW DRY)

The ultimate blonde is achieved with a root application of bleach to give you maximum coverage and impact. This is followed by a bespoke blonde glaze of a shade of blonde best suited to your skin tone. We recommend booking in for a transformation appointment for those dreaming of a Scandi blonde but in need of a global colour overhaul.


VIP Hair Care for Everyone to Enjoy

At Rose & Wild we will offer expert advice to ensure you have the perfect end result. We offer a complimentary consultation before each and every appointment. We also offer a bridal and special events service for all those important occasions.



BLOWDRY from £35-£75


UPSTYLE from £35-£75

EVENT STYLE price on consultation

We can recommend a selection of staple blow drys for you. We can also give you advice on the right up style for your next up and coming event or if you had something in mind we would love to create it for you.

If you have a special event or a wedding which you would like us to style then we have a team of experienced stylists that can give you not only great expertise but make you feel at ease on your special day.

 A Blow dry is not just a style its how it makes you feel.



Need a new look, fresh style, or simply a cleanup ? At Rose & Wild we have got you covered.  we know how to deliver your new tailored cut so why not give your hair the attention it deserves at Rose & Wild.



Ladies £65-£135 (INCLUSIVE OF BLOW DRY)

With the help of imagery and a consultation we will ensure to design the best hair cut for you. Pamper yourself with a new hairstyle in our Boutique and walk out feeling like the best version of you.

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